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Earn AAdvantage® Miles when you join the Fuel Rewards® program.

Earn 250 AAdvantage® Miles when you join the Fuel Rewards program as a new member and complete your first fill-up at Shell.

Enter your American Airlines AAAdvantage® account number below in ALL CAPS. Be sure the first and last name on both your AAdvantage® and Fuel Rewards® accounts match to ensure the processing of miles. Note- AAdvantage does not allow business names as a first or last name.
By linking your AAdvantage account to your Fuel Rewards account, you are automatically opting in to EARN MILES at the pump. This REPLACES YOUR PLATINUM, GOLD, OR SILVER status and you are no longer saving 10, 5, or 3 cents/gallon.
To switch how you earn - MILES or FUEL SAVINGS - go to the Fuel Rewards app and select American Airlines under "Link Partner Accounts".

Do you want to order a Fuel Rewards card?
A card is required at some locations in the Chicago area.

I understand that by clicking join, I agree to the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy of the Fuel Rewards® program and the Fuel Rewards dining program.